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Enhancing & Updating Knowledge Base

As the Indian Companies transition to the new Indian GAAP-Indian Accounting Standards (Ind-AS), it is of utmost importance for each member of the team to be well versed with the specific provisions of the new GAAP especially the ones that significantly impact their organisation. CKA can help Banks, NBFCs, Listed Companies and other corporates to equip their employees with the knowledge and expertise required to successfully adopt and apply Ind-AS.

With the advent of the new Indirect Tax Law in the country-Goods & Service Tax, Companies must ensure that each of its employee is well versed with the specific provisions of the GST Rules which are relevant to the Company’s business, operations and demography. To avoid loss of input tax credit and also ensure 100% compliance, companies must train their employees and equip them with the requisite knowledge and expertise. Backed by a team of experts, Chunder Khator & Associates helps corporates to update their employees with the rules specific to their business and demography of operations.


For companies that employ a large number of professionals to manage and operate their department, it is of utmost importance to keep them updated with the continuously changing laws, policies, standards and norms of operating. This includes changes in:

  • Taxation Laws such as the Goods & Service Tax, Direct Tax and International Taxation

  • Financial Reporting rules such as the Indian Accounting Standard (Ind-AS), International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and other GAAP.

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