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Right Now Podcast - Episode 2: SportiFan | Imagination Has Wings

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

You can call us a talented kid- ’cause we’re just 5 months old and we’ve already started talking. However, just like most kids are, we’re also a little picky about who we want to talk to: Entrepreneurs only.

True story: It was the 15th day of the lockdown when the sports-nostalgia started kicking in. We came to understand the importance of sports fandom in keeping up our spirits. And that’s when we began to ponder, what made us fall so madly in love with tennis players, football clubs and basketball teams? Well one could say it’s solely because of Roger/Rafael/Messi/Ronaldo/LeBron/Steph’s showcase of talent, but there’s actually a well organized system that’s working behind these players, clubs and teams to develop that fandom. That’s how we learnt about the concept of sports management and the homegrown startup SportiFan.

In this episode of the Right Now Podcast, we’ll take you through the story of the 9 months old SportiFan, put into perspective by its co-founder Arko Biswas, an MBA with Marketing from IIM Raipur and a co-founder of healthcare start-up which was adjudged amongst the best student run start-up from Asia in USWC 2018, Copenhagen.

The vision of SportiFan is to connect sports fans, professionals, venues and clubs like never before to enhance the customer journey. Apart from Sport Business Management, which forms the core product offering of the startup, the founders (left to right: Samrat Ghosh, Sarthak Mondal and Arko Biswas) are also actively invested into Sports-tech and have already developed a patented Goal-line technology. To find out more, visit their website.

It is especially intriguing to learn how the founders actually met over a WhatsApp group that was created to connect football club Chelsea fans from across India. It was indeed their common passion for sports, combined with their spirit of entrepreneurship that pulled them together to flag off this venture. As Kartikeyan rightly puts it, one cannot stress enough on the importance of having partners who share the same vision and goals as you. Their endured spirit to keep researching and developing even when the economy is at a standstill is truly inspiring.

(Ps. If you find the voice quality to be a little imperfect, you would probably relate to your own work-from-home experience)


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