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Right Now Podcast - Episode 3: The Superfan Company | Kim Kaupe

Did you know? Infants below the age of 2 can travel without a ticket!

Guess what? We’re just 7 months old!

Wait a minute. So you’re saying that we can travel all the way to Texas, US and interview a Shark Tank starring, Startup’s co-founder, who has also featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, without spending a buck? No kidding!

Without a beat, we’re doing it! In this edition of the Right Now Podcast, Kartikeyan and Abhimanyu talk to Kim Kaupe, co-founder of The Superfan Company, New York, United States.

The Superfan Company focuses on Fan engagement. About 70% of their business is from Music, which ranges between individual groups and large music festivals. The remaining 30% is from anything else that has a ‘Superfan’ base. They work with celebrities Like Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes & Taylor Swift! whom we tune on to everyday.

Our guest, Kim Kaupe, calls herself an accidental entrepreneur, and yet has successfully led the company for almost a decade now.

From hearing about Startup straight from the horse's mouth, to diving deeper into the Startup ecosystem, there's a lot to learn from the co-founder of a 9-year-old Startup. You wish we had revealed more, but we want you to hear it yourself!


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